Penfield Boys Lacrosse will recognize the seniors prior to the game vs. Irondequoit

Senior Introductions will begin promptly at 6:30 pm

#1             Cooper Allen                                                                                                

#2             Chad Anderson                                                                                           

#4             Anthony DiPrima                                                                                       

#7             Peter Schwab                                                                                               

#12          Ryan Maring                                                                                                  

#17          Matthew Schoeneck  

#18          Austin Hudson

#20          Brady D’Hont

#21          Andrew Powlin 

#22          Cody Calvert    

#28          Kaden Boardway                                                                       

Parents, siblings, and other player escorts: Please join us for a brief reception and refreshments at 6:00 pm near the players entrance to the turf.

Senior moms will be given their son’s red away jersey at the reception to wear for pictures and during the game.

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