Hi All,
Sorry for the delay.  I received many add on’s today that forced me to restructure the teams.  Below are the teams as of right now..we do have a little room for add on’s if people forgot to send in registrations.  First round tonight is as follows:
Red vs Black at 5:30

White vs Gray at 6:45​

If you look at the original paperwork you can access the schedule for the summer.  I hope this helps and I look forward to a great summer!
Goalies just remember you have a rotating schedule.
Coach Woody 
Red Team

​Coach Coach Dawes Black Team
Coach Webster 
White Team

Coach Lovett 
Gray Team


Jackson Saulpaugh
​Will Hand
​Zach Farrell
​Alec Constable
​Sam Cummings
Jake Fox
Jacob Emmick
​Chirs Corbelli
​Jacob Harnischfeger
Elijah Utz​

Chris Smith

Johnny Richiusa​
Jack Schlifke​
​Austyn Kelly
Sean Smith​
Michael Mitchell​ Sam Schlifke
Luke Condon​ Max Hoadley
Alex Fain​ ​Chase D’Hont
​Jackson Grossman
​Tylor Salmon
​Dylan Fain
​Jordan Klatt
Darren Enright​ Buddy Pelish​
 Taizio Little
Ben Wildman​
​Patrick McCarthy
Rob Schembri​ Max Dominiskoski​ Alex Clark​
​Tommy McMindes
​Spencer Thomas 
​Andrew Faillace
James Wheeler
Goal ​Seamus Hand
​Jory Woodworth
Garrett Webster
Tonight’s Schedule:

Red vs Black at 5:30

White vs Gray at 6:45​

I tried my best to put siblings on the same team so parents would not have to stick around all night
Goalies will rotate teams each game and are responsible for making sure each game is covered

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