The goal of the Penfield lacrosse program is to provide players with an
enriched high school athletic experience that fosters the development of the
entire student athlete. This is a collaborative approach where coaches, players,
parents and community members play vital roles in the growth of the student athlete.

A Penfield Lacrosse player will not only take part in a wide array of
lacrosse specific activities, they will play an integral part in team building, will
participate in leadership activities, learn about the importance the community
plays in supporting athletics through fundraising initiatives and they will take
part in various community service events in which they give back to both the
youth lacrosse program and the surrounding community.

When a player graduates from Penfield High School moving on to the next
chapter of their life, they will feel confident that they will always be welcomed
as a lifelong members of the Penfield Lacrosse Family. A family that has
contributed to the development of the men they will become in the future.



The Penfield lacrosse program guiding principles will forever
provide the pillars for a strong foundation.

The actions of our players, coaches, and community
supporting our program will never sacrifice the high
standard created from our rich history.

We will let our storied accomplishments stand as a
testament to our consistent focus to our building blocks,
and will ensure we never compromise our pillars as we travel
together into the future.